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Improved patient outcomes

Unlocked revenue opportunities

Reduced provider burnout

Immediate access to care

Compassionate care for patients, actionable insights for clinicians, more efficient care management.

You initiate
We navigate

We extend your reach into your patient’s home to provide immediate access to dedicated specialists


Seamless referral for patients. We coordinate enrollment with zero administrative burden on you and your practice.


We equip you with the knowledge to better evaluate risks and align resources for your patient base.


We deliver an app-based program, enhanced by the support of virtual care that drives outcomes across cognition and mood.


We arrange virtual visits and deliver actionable insights to you and your team.

Our Path

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Hear from our CMO and practicing neurologist, Dr. Sheela Myers, about how our virtual, multidomain care model can support your efforts to improve outcomes for your patients living with cognitive disorders.

We drive powerful
results across
cognition, memory, and
related comorbidities​

Clinically Validated Outcomes


Cognitive Self-Efficacy

44% of patients reported an improvement in cognitive self-efficacy.


Anxiety Reduction

55% of patients reported a reduction in anxiety symptoms.


Depression Reduction

61% of the patients reported a reduction in depression symptoms.

“Neuroglee’s emerging evidence supports cognitive training as part of a multidomain intervention to improve or maintain cognitive functioning in people at-risk of dementia. Neuroglee’s digital intervention that provides personalized cognitive stimulation using machine learning is an innovative and important strategy to preserve cognition in our patients who are at-risk of dementia.”


-   Ng Kok Pin, MD

Senior Consultant
Neurologist Department of Neurology
National Neuroscience Institute

Engagement and Satisfaction


Clinical care Adherence


Care Coordination Adherence


Clinical care Satisfaction


Neuroglee NPS

“Effective management of cognitive health and neurological conditions involves a comprehensive approach that includes more than regular in-person visits with a local care team. Neuroglee presents a highly scalable way to expand access to personalized care offerings while removing the burden of scheduling and travel for our patients with mild cognitive impairment and their families.”


-   Paul Wright, MD

Senior Vice President and System Chair Nuvance Health Neuroscience Institute

Neuroglee Health

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