Reimagining Care for
Neurological Conditions

Neuroglee started with a dream to reimagine the care for patients living with neurological conditions and improve clinical outcomes, not only for the patients but also for their care partners.

Today, Neuroglee offers scalable and evidence-based programs for managing cognitive care within the home that leverages cutting-edge technology and continuous monitoring from a remote multidisciplinary clinical team.

Where Health Care, Cognitive Science, and Technology Meet

At Neuroglee, we operate at the intersection of neurology, data science, clinical care delivery, and cutting-edge technology with experts from around the world. Clinicians and scientists work side by side with creators and software engineers to build a personalized, evidence-based suite of products and clinical services to support patients, family members, and health systems.

  • Aniket Singh Rajput

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Sheela Myers, MD, MS, CPE

    Chief Medical Officer
  • Ramesh Natarajan

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Bikram Gangwar

    Director of Data Science

Transformed Care Made Possible

Neuroglee Therapeutics and its transformative efforts could only be made possible by the belief and support invested into us by our shareholders.

Redefining Care Together

Redefining neurological care cannot be done alone. Through our collaborations, we can collectively make personalized and empowering care a reality.

  • Mayo Clinic and Neuroglee Therapeutics partner to digitize and integrate Mayo Clinic’s Healthy Action to Benefit Independence & Thinking® into Neuroglee Connect™, creating a virtual care program for Mild Cognitive Impairment

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  • Nuvance Health and Neuroglee Therapeutics launch Neuroglee Connect™ with remote patient monitoring, delivering specialized and personalized at-home care to patients and families affected by Mild Cognitive Impairment

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We’re global

We are not constrained by geography — for many roles at Neuroglee, our brilliant team can choose to work wherever they have an Internet connection. This means we get to harness global talent and work with not just the best people in one city, but the whole world.

Our Offices

  • Neuroglee Therapeutics Inc.

    33 Arch St, FL 17, Boston, Massachusetts 02110

  • Neuroglee Therapeutics Pte Ltd

    2 Venture Dr, Vision Exchange, #19-18, Singapore 608526

  • Neuroglee Therapeutics India Pte Ltd

    Hum Aspasia, No. 762, 100 feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru – 560008